Nothing beats the comfort provided by a well-designed hydronic heating system. Radiant heat from the floor makes a room feel evenly warm and cozy with no drafts or fan noise. Water is much better at absorbing heat than air, so it is a very effective means of heat distribution.

Hydronic systems have traditionally used boilers heated by fossil fuels. With air-to-water heat pumps, the energy efficiency of hydronic heating systems can be increased while reducing their carbon footprint.

This can be achieved with an air source heat pump at much lower cost than a geothermal system, with no need to install a ground loop.

As with an air-to-air heat pump, heat is extracted from outdoor air using the refrigeration cycle, but rather than transferring this heat to indoor air, it is transferred to water in a buffer tank, which is then pumped out to the hydronic distribution system.

Envirotemp can design and install an efficient air-to-water heat pump system for your home or workshop, with all the comfort and consistency of radiant in-floor heat.

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