Rebates for Heat Pumps

It’s a good time to upgrade your inefficient home heating system. There are rebates currently available through the Home Energy Rebate Offer from BC Hydro, and the Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program from Ministry of Energy and Mines.

The rebate offered by BC Hydro is $800 for qualifying air-source ductless mini-split heat pump systems installed to replace electric furnaces or baseboard heaters. The incentives from the Oil to Heat Pump program include $800 for qualifying ductless systems and $1350 for qualifying central heat pump systems installed in homes heated by oil.

If applying for an Oil to Heat Pump incentive, bear in mind that an EnerGuide home evaluation by an Energy Advisor is required, both before and after the system installation. However, there is an extra incentive to help offset the cost of the evaluation. It is also necessary to hire a contractor to deal with your oil tank.

There are additional eligibility requirements for both programs, so be sure to read the appropriate terms and conditions: Oil to Heat Pump or HERO.

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